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Wrapping Up

Some keep the Sabbath… Like Alex’s team, my group of intrepid students spent the latter part of the semester looking at various versions of a single Emily Dickinson poem; ours was “Some keep the sabbath.” I sent students into the … Continue reading

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Teaching Materiality and Crushing Souls

We’re nearing completion of the first of our two digital workshops: scanning and OCR’ing a scholarly monograph. As Alex noted, the process of scanning itself seemed to go pretty smoothly. With the work shared by four people, it was not … Continue reading

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Undergrads and Markup: How & Why I Got Involved

I became involved with this project in the sort of roundabout way that seems increasingly common as scholars head online. I happened to see Alex announce over twitter a Google Doc, designed for using TEI in the undergrad classroom. Later … Continue reading

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