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Alex Gil is Digital Scholarship Coordinator at Columbia University for the Humanities and History division. His research revolves around otr-American literatures and culture, digital humanities and critical theory. His dissertation traced the miraculous trajectory of Aimé Césaire's "Et les chiens se taisaient" in the fields of legology.

Wrapping Up

In the best tradition of Digital Humanities projects, the first digital laboratory for project tango was both a failure and a success. For me personally, this was the first time teaching a digital humanities introductory course and in that sense, … Continue reading

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Second Project Narrative (Alex’s Team)

For our second project we examined multiple editions of Emily Dickinson’s “Success is Counted Sweetest.” In the project we examined eight different editions of the poem which we ‘marked-up’ for TEI and then compared to each other using software called … Continue reading

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First Student Response (Team Alex)

[As part of their scanning and OCR/Proofing exercise our students were asked to write a midterm report. They have given us permission to post their reports here under our CC license. The following is the report from team Alex, word … Continue reading

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Scanning Workshop

This week we wrapped up the scanning for the digital workshop. Overall the exercise was a great success. Our fears that the scanning was going to be too dreadful an assignment because of its mechanical nature were abated by the … Continue reading

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Welcome to Project Tango

Welcome to the Project Tango blog. At the moment the project is in its infant stages, so bear with us. Tango began as a series of conversations between the NINES group and other parties around the issue of accessibility to … Continue reading

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