Workshop Schedule


Workshop Leaders: Alex Gil and Chris Forster

Professor: Jerome McGann

Project Alpha: produce a Searchable PDF version of 2 scholarly texts:

•        Carol Bernstein.  A Precarious Enchantment.  A Reading of Meredith’s Poetry. Catholic UP: Washington DC, 1979.
•        Louis A. Renza.  Edgar Allan Poe, Wallace Stevens, and the Poetics of American Privacy.  LSU Press: Baton Rouge, 2002.

Week 1: Course Introduction
Establishment of 3 Work Groups.
Selection of convenient out-of-class schedules.

Week 2: Scanning I
Scanner Training (1 hour per team)
Scanning proper. (varies)

Weeks 3:  Scanning II
Completion of scanning. (varies)
Group Workshop #1 (1 hour per team)

Weeks 4: OCR
OCR training (1 hour per team)
OCR and initial clean-up.

Week 5: Proofing
Proofing training (1 hour per team)
Clean-up continued.
Round Robins of proofing

Week 6: Production of PDF
Production of PDF image/text.
Group Workshop #2 (1 hour per team)

Week 7: Materials due.

The following materials must be turned in for grading:

1. The TIFF images produced by the scanner.
2. The .opd file produced by OmniPage
3. The PDF image/text
4. A detailed report of the process of producing the well-proofed digital text.

Project Beta: mark-up and textual analysis of 2 poems by Poe:

  • “The Conqueror Worm”
  • “Ulalume”

Week 8: Preparing for mark-up and analysis
Gather and prepare the materials.
Intro to mark-up and textual analysis (1 hour per team)

Week 9: TEI I
TEI training (1-2 hours per team)
Start mark up

Weeks 10: TEI II
Finish mark-up
Group workshop #3 (1 hour per team)

Week 12: JUXTA
JUXTA training (1 hour per team)
Comparison of texts

Wekk 13: JUXTA II
Stemma analysis
Group workshop #4 (1 hour per team)

Week 14: Materials due

The following materials must be turned in for grading:

1. TEI Marked-up .xml files.
2. Complete JUXTA .jxt files.
3. Each group to turn in an edition of one of the 3 Poe poems (a transcript plus relevant metadata), along with a full collation and stemmatic analysis..


  1. Each group needs a team point person.
  2. Gil’s and Forster’s group workshops and support hours will be held in the Scholar’s Lab (2 periods of 5 hours each week)
  3. Student workshop hours: varying from maximum of 4 hours in some weeks to 2 hours in others.  An average of around 3 hours/week.

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