Midterm Report Instructions

Digital Workshop Response

(Approx. 1500 words, due Monday, October 4th and Tuesday, October 5th)
One response is due per group (not per group member).This assignment asks you to reflect on our first digital workshop project–the digitization of a scholarly monograph. What did you learn? Was the experience valuable?

To investigate these questions please work together to write brief essay responses to the two following questions.

1. Please describe what you did in the process of digitizing this work. What challenges arose in the process and how did you solve them?

2. What are the advantages of a digital edition of a work such as the one you digitized? What are the disadvantages? Include in your reflections not only a consideration of the differences between a paper edition and a digital edition of the same work, but some consideration of how the broader landscape of digital databases (e.g. Google Books, JSTOR) changes how these works are used.

3. What did you learn? In answering this question try to consider not simply the specific technologies involved (I learned how to use a scanner; I learned how to use ABBYY Finereader, version 10), but the broader issues: what did you learn about books?

You should think of this assignment as an opportunity to reflect on the work you have done in our digital workshops. You will submit your answers as a group in a single document. You may feel free, however, to split the answers so that each individual group member has her/his own voice (this is particularly the case with the third question which asks you to reflect on your own learning).

We are interested in sharing these responses publicly (perhaps through the Project TANGO blog at uvatango.wordpress.com). Please indicate, in your response, whether you would be comfortable with us sharing your comments to a wider audience.


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