TEI Template

   <!ENTITY mdash "&#8212;">

<TEI xmlns="http://www.tei-c.org/ns/1.0">
    <!-- The teiHeader section -->
                <title>[title of the poem]</title>
                <author>Emily Dickinson</author>
                <principal>Jerome McGann</principal>
                    <resp>encoded by</resp>
                    <name xml:id="student_name_shortened">[student name]</name>
                <pubPlace>Charlottesville, VA</pubPlace>
                <date>[leave blank]</date>
                <idno type="DOI">[leave blank]</idno>
                    <p>This text available open-access through Project Tango.</p>
                    <author>[name of author]</author>
                    <title type="main">[main title here]</title>
                    <title type="subtitle">[subtitle here]</title>
                    <editor>[name of editor]</editor>
                    <edition>[edition number here]</edition>
                    <pubPlace>[place of publication]</pubPlace>
                    <publisher>[name of publisher]</publisher>
                    <date>[date it was published]</date>
                    <note type="page_number">[insert the page number here]</note>
                    <!-- page range?? -->
                <p>Italics and original punctuation has been respected throughout.</p>
                <p>All dashes have been encoded as em dashes.</p>

    <!-- The text proper -->
            <div type="poem">
                <head type="title">[title goes here (if present)]</head>
                <lg type="stanza" n="1">
                    <l n="1">[start the text here]</l>

Note: We used TEI’s teilite.rng to validate this file.


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